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JV - Russia: Empire, Revolution And The USSR

Explore the World's Largest Country

Jules Verne invite you to join them for once in a lifetime experiences in Russia. Request the Russia: Empire, Revolution and the USSR Brochure today for inspiration on incredible voyages.

Visit the great cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, be sure to check out the magnificent Hermitage Museum in the heart of St. Petersburg for a captivating day out.

Take a step back in time and commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution with a tour encapsulating the key events of 1917 where you can get a real taste of the 10 days that shook the world!

The Russia: Empire, Revolution and the USSR Brochure contains a thorough collection of thrilling voyages with incredible excursions, so request the brochure today!

Enjoy a full board cruise along quiet rivers, lakes and canals from St. Petersburg to Moscow and experience a fascinating tour of the open-air museum of traditional wooden architecture on Kizhi Island.

Request the JV - Russia: Empire, Revolution and the USSR Brochure today for inspiration on the trip of your lifetime!

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